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The School Song
Words: Frank Storm Wade (1896-1965) - history teacher until 1950
Music: AA Hall (1893-1961) - music teacher until 1946
First published in 1926

The words of the School Song were written by Frank Storm Wade, and first appeared in the ATOM but at that stage no music had been written. The ATOM records:

We would particularly draw the attention of our readers to the "School Song," which makes its first appearance in the current number of the "Atom." We understand that Mr Hall has in hand the composition of suitable music, and that the song will make its appearance in public at the forthcoming Speech Day. We trust that the song, which is supplying a long-felt want, will become the rallying cry for both past and present boys of the High School. Old Boys will, in due course, be able to purchase copies from Mr Lucas.

The ATOM, November 1926

If you can play MIDI files, click here to remind yourself just how it used to go!

verse 1   verse 3 (usually spoken over accompaniment)

Alma Mater! we revere thee,
  Standing guard on Northern shore.
Never shall our conduct sear thee,
  But extol thee more and more.
Outpost England, touched by Roman,
  Storied by our Father Bede,
Nation made of fearless yeomen,
  Lion-hearted, true to breed.


Some have left us, Alma Mater,
  Labours ended, tasks all done;
Gone aloft to their Creator,
  Heard the master's "Welcome, son".
Though their deeds are not engraven
  In the storied halls of fame,
Yet to their desirèd haven
  Have they borne an honoured name.

verse 2   verse 4

Hail! our School; to-day and ever
  Loud we sing thy praise and fame.
We are one in our endeavour
  Ne'er to dull thy glorious name.
Year by year thy sons have striven;
  Starred thy name o'er sea and land,
Of their best they all have given,
  Captains of a wid'ning band.


Let thy triumphs, Alma Mater,
  Sound where'er thy sons shall be.
May thy mem'ry be dictator,
  Counsel us when on life's sea.
Then through all the coming ages
  Bring forth men of good renown
Saying, as they turn life's pages,
  "Honour! that's the highest crown."

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