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About the site

The Web site is intended as a place to gather together pictures, memories and the history of the schools that eventually became Harton Technology College - for present and former pupils and staff. It is also as much an archiving project as a Web site.

I'm always looking for material, and if you have anything relating to the school (and I mean absolutely anything) than I'd love to hear from you. Even if it's already on the site it may be that the copy I have is not the best quality (even though it may appear okay on the screen), and I do strive to have the highest quality possible. If you want to know more, I've produced a more detailed background to the site.

However, I'm also practical and know that there will be times when I need to accept that it isn't always going to be possible. The bottom line is that I'd rather have something than not have it.

WHAT material am I looking for?
The answer is ... just about anything at all to do with the school. Some ideas ..


Form photos
School photos
Team photos
School trips
School productions
Sporting events
Pictures of the school, inside and out
Pictures of staff or students

Speech Day programmes
Open Day/Evening programmes
Form magazines (such as the ONEO)
School rules
School Calendars
Staff lists
Newspaper cuttings

Wartime at the school
Evacuation to Appleby
Teachers and fellow students
The school itself
Music at the school
Sporting occasions
Indiscretions (handled with propriety!)
School successes

HOW do you get it to me?
The preferred option is to post it to me (email me for the address). I will always try to return material as quickly as possible (usually within 24 hours of when it is received), and this way I can scan or photograph the material to best suit the site and the archives. Of course, I accept that some people would rather not part with such treasures and I'm happy to accept scans of photographs and documents.

If you're thinking of scanning and emailing me the photos please bear in mind that, while the images on the site may be of relatively low quality, I'm trying to maintain an archive of high-quality scans. To do this, and to make retouching easier, as well as future-proofing the site, please try and scan to the highest quality you can.

To help, I've drawn up some guidelines here - but the bottom line is that I'd rather have lower-quality photos than none at all.

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