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Neale Backhouse | nealebackh~AT~gmail~DOT~com
Kudos to Alex and Mike for keeping us informed about happenings at our former school. The only similar event I can remember is when the right honourable Chuter Ede, our district MP ( I believe he was a Cabinet Minister) was guest of honour at Speech Day in 1951 and impressed us all with his Parliamentary eloquence.

Well done Alex, 87 years old and still displaying your youthful enthusiasm for charging the batteries in the Guestbook.
Sun 15-May-2022 16:56 - Victoria BC
Mike Todd
I found out about Clinton last week, and dropped the Exec Head an email to see if there might be a ticket. Not heard anything, but the lectures are often very heavily subscribed.

I only went to one of the early lectures (Patrick Stewart), but there've been some big names ever since (John Major, Sting, Bill Bryson, Gary Lineker etc).

In my job at the BBC I worked with Clinton and her Secret Service team for 3 days (even got a Secret Service medal "For Outstanding Support") and she came over as very sincere - but she's a politician, so is paid to be of course.

The relationship between Ken Gibson and David Miliband has been a strong one, and very good for the school.
Sat 14-May-2022 09:28
Bruce Graham | bsgraham~AT~btinternet~DOT~com
Wow!! What a coup for the school.
Fri 13-May-2022 19:05 - ruskington lincolnshie
Alex Patterson 1946-1951 VUA | ad1935ap~AT~gmail~DOT~com
Hello Mike et al,
While reading my digital copy of the South Shields Gazette, I came across the following item regarding Hillary Clinton’s upcoming visit to South Shields and our school (Formerly SSGTSFB and now Harton Academy}
“David Miliband has announced that the 2022 South Shields Lecture will be delivered by former US Secretary of State, Hillary Rodham Clinton. The Lecture will take the form of a conversation on ‘Politics and Beyond’, with discussion between David Miliband and Hillary Clinton with questions from the audience. This will be the 18th lecture in a series which started in 2001, and the 12th to be held at Harton School”
And Hillary added ‘‘I know how proud David is of South Shields, so I was delighted to accept his invitation to deliver the 2022 South Shields Lecture. My Great Grandfather lived just down the road from South Shields in Durham, so in some ways I feel I will be coming home! The world is facing so many challenges and we need more discussion about how to build a more secure world for our children and grandchildren. I look forward to my discussion with David and the people of South Shields.”
I would love to be there, but all of the free tickets have been over-applied for and there is a huge waiting list for any cancellations. Maybe next time !!
Best wishes to all from a warm and sunny North York,
Alex Patterson
Wed 11-May-2022 18:19 - North York, Ontario, Canada
alan wightman | aconlan11~AT~gmail~DOT~com
Good Morning, Mike & Everyone,

Don´t Panic! RAF!

`Ready to Rumble´ brilliant `Army´ tactic to provoke `TANK´ responses.
Worthy of King Henry V at `Battle of Agincourt´.

Compliments to `Dark Horse´. In token I have placed a bet on `Enjoy D´Alan´ in today´s `Grand National´. `RAF´ horse named `Lost in Translation´.

`Sandancer´- `Geordieland´.


Sat 9-Apr-2022 11:40 - south Shields
Bruce Graham | bsgraham~AT~btinternet~DOT~com
I'm getting lost in this conversation.

Didn't study German at school and despite a 2 week German language course at Rheindahlen in the mid 70's

"Ich nicht spreche Deutsche so gut"

But what was RTR?
Fri 8-Apr-2022 19:31 - ruskington lincolnshie
No Alex, I didn't take German. I had heard the expression from somewhere and just wrote as it sounded. Anyway now I know. Better stick to English in future.
Cheers, Neale.
Thu 7-Apr-2022 18:37
Alex Patterson VUA 1946-1951 | ad1935ap~AT~gmail~DOT~com
Hello Neale,
If you meant ”I don’t understand” it should read, “Verstehe nicht”… I think. But why do I think you know that already? I thought we were in Cousins’ class together.
Anyhow best wishes from a bright and sunny North York,
Thu 7-Apr-2022 16:38 - North York, Ontario, Canada
alan wightman | aconlan111~AT~gmail~DOT~com
Good Morning, Mike & Everyone.

`Rhetoricals´ may now advance:
`Panzer-Alemania / Saracen-Tripolitania.

Armoured Personnel Carrier replaced `Centurion´ for future `Policing´ role in Northern Ireland.´

`Saracens´Rugby Club name is said to have come from Endurance, Enthusiasm and perceived Invincibility of Saladin´s desert warriors of the twelfth century.

`Sandancer´- `Geordieland´.

Thu 7-Apr-2022 11:11 - south Shields
Gee Alex, I'm after OG's!!
Can't get no respect.
Ich bin Auslander . Feichsternicht.
(is that the right spelling)
Wed 6-Apr-2022 19:25

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